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Our team consists of a diverse group of Canadians, Americans, Irish and Costa Ricans, bringing together years of knowledge and experience in the fields of Property Management, Real Estate, Finance, Engineering, and Sustainability. Our education and professional experience enable us to provide the best, hassle-free property management experience in the region.



Each one of the partners possesses a unique set of professional experience and education. Together, we bring knowledge and expertise in the fields of; Property Management, Marketing, Investment, Finance, Real Estate, Sustainability, and Engineering.Our main goal is to offer innovative property management solutions to Guanacaste, with a five-year plan to become the most popular and well-known company in the region. We pride ourselves on providing full transparency through detailed records and files of communication, and a North American style of Customer Service. Contact us to find out how we can help optimize your investment!

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EquityKey Group 

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